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Haha I hate myself for doing this all the time.

I have no idea why I keep telling myself to just make all these sideblogs and then end up very unhappy with how messy it feels for me. So, I changed artblogs and made a new account specifically for art and inspiration and whatever.

Feel free to follow me there: new blog woop


30 Days of Thankfulness, Frances MacLeod


Commission for Tristore.

Haven’t posted an update in some time. A family member passed away this weekend, so it’s been a little rough to get back into the normal routine. Fortunately, I got in the mood to do something completely digital and just mess around with some textures.

Here’s another sketch of my Dunmer, Nellethiel Cress.

Commission for an ESO Roleplayer of her character Beatrice Lilian Nimphredel, a Breton Actress and Traveler.

Check out her profile here.

I am calm…

Commission for another ESO roleplayer of her Dunmer Assassin, Asra Karimi.

WIP sketch of a commission I’m working on. This is Asra Karimi, a Dunmer Assassin.

Happy late Halloween art~

Nellethiel Cress, a Dunmer (Velothi/Ashlander) Sorceress and Healer with a lot of secrets to guard!

Currently Closed, will open up as soon as I finish the batch of commissions I’m working on at the moment.

WIP of a drawing I’m working on between commissions for my character, Nellethiel Cress. Really liking how it’s coming out!

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